June 25, 2011

“King” David Estrada – BOXING 360 is the Cancer of Boxing

King” David Estrada – Letter to my fans

I just want to apologize to all of my fans for not being able to fight on July 15th due to some promotional bullshit due to BOXING 360 of New York. They are supposed to be my promoters yet have never promoted their own shows instead they sell out their fighters to other promoters. All BOXING 360 have done from our 1st fight together was try to use me as an opponent which basically back fired on them.

Recently BOXING 360  released certain comments, which made me look really unprofessional, but everyone who has ever worked with me knows this is simply not true. They promised all kinds of shit they couldn’t even back up; I am still waiting for my title and rankings I earned by beating the formerly undefeated former Olympian Orlando Lora. The truth is BOXING 360 is bad for the sport and a place where you go to have your career END. Now they want 20 % of what I put my life on the line for, they don’t deserve a penny, they haven’t invested one penny into my career.

Since being involved with Boxing 360 all I been having was problem after problem, they are more concerned about their appearance to others but the word is already out, BOXING 360 is the cancer of Boxing. I hate reading Mario Yagobi’s claim that he does everything for his fighters, if this is true why are did BOXING 360 allow for Angel “Toro” Hernandez and his family to endure hardship by not protecting their fighter? Why didn’t they pay for my friends hospital bills, now they blame TKO promotions for not paying the medical expenses, attention BOXING 360 you’re the promoter and you claim that your fighters are family? Family don’t take advantage of each other and they try their hardest to show support for one another, if what you say is true, why did the arbitrator leave BOXING 360 responsible if funds cannot be recovered? Why did it all have to go to arbitration for you to finally understand what you did was wrong? Am I wrong for addressing issues that affect my life, my career?

To my TRUE Family, True Friends and FANS, I love you all and thanks for standing by my side.

I hate the business of boxing, yet I love to fight. I pray that this mess gets taken care of so I can move on with my life. SMH

“King” David Estrada“

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Richard Spilotro

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  1. Benny Bingo

    Watching Joey Dawejko on FNF made me realize David Estrada is 100% right. Joey Dawejko is 2-2-2 since signing with 360 or Boxing 180, whatever. Boxing 180 destroyed Joey Dawejko and possibly his career. Anyone wanna be an opponent, sing with Boxing 360. Ask Joey Dawejko.

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